The Real Hustle

Do you have what it takes?

Three founders share their stories.

Shippit showcases three passionate entrepreneurs who have turned their humble ideas into flourishing retail empires. Listen to their stories of focus, determination, failure and success. Learn the art of the hustle and apply it to your own business.

The fitness fanatic and self-love guru

Former fitness model and business development manager, Charlie De Haas made the leap and turned her passion of leading healthy change into a reality. Clean Treats is about the physiological change that occurs when you choose real food.

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The investment banker turned green activist

Driven by the devastating impact of single-use products on the environment, Benjamin Young left his career in business strategy in mergers and acquisition and founded Frank Green in 2014. Frank Green is on a mission to change the way people think about reusable products.

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The ad-man with an eye for luxury

Having worked 10 years in media and marketing, Aaron Kay put his vision of building his own legacy into motion by founding The Swank Store – the ultimate destination for luxury resort wear. Crafted from hand-spun silk, The Swank Store’s line highly coveted line is the intersection of quality, style and class.

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