The Real Hustle

The Swank Store Story

Meet Aaron Kay, co-founder and creative director of The Swank Store.

This is Aaron's story

Feeling restricted by his corporate role in media and marketing, Aaron Kay backed himself and pursued his vision of building his own legacy with The Swank Store. Designing coveted, luxury resort wear crafted from hand-spun silk, the brand is synonymous with quality and style. The Swank Store has gained a cult following and Aaron is living out his vision.

Part 1: Idea

Wanting to be the master of his own destiny, Aaron parted ways with his role in telco consulting to create The Swank Store.

Part 2: Doubt

For Aaron generating traffic was easy - his problem was learning how to run a business.

Part 3: Success

Aaron never had a Plan B and was committed from Day 1. Aaron opens up about his mindset for success.

Part 4: Wisdom

Aaron reflects on his journey with The Swank Store and shares his final words with retailers looking to supercharge their business

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